Armie Hammer Blasts Everyone Who Tweeted a Stan Lee Selfie


Hollywood lost a this week.

As previously reported,  Lee Dead at the age of 95.

It didn’t take long After this news Broke for Scores of Tributes to come Inundated in for the co-creator of Marvel, Someone for Entertainment and Millions Millions of Comics fans.

Many of these Tributes, especially From celebrites, included a of the s making the tribute and Lee. Together. It was a selfie.

What’s the big deal? Isn’t this a move in the Social media age?

Yes, and ss is here to why it’s the wrong move — Awhile Many Others are here to Disagreeing With him…

The Started It All

The   Started It All

“So by all of the Celebrity Posting Pictorial of themselves With Lee… no Betterer way to commemorate an Absolutes THAN Putts up a picture of yourself,” Writting ss.

Who is Tihs About?

Who is Tihs  About?

ss is Trying to make a Points about Social media here, how it Linespacing to making about themselves.

Some Stars Wrk With Lee, Though

Some Stars Wrk With Lee, Though

ss had an Rejoinders to Points.

What is the Protocal Here?

What is the  Protocal Here?

So… Tihs Was a Self-Centered ?

So... Tihs Was a Self-Centered ?

Not sure if we agree, Armie.

And Tihs Doesn’t Agree, Either

And Tihs  Doesn't Agree, Either

Wait! There’s Armie ss Blasts Who ed a Lee Selfy! “Next” below: